Recruitment Video 2018

Our first taster session for the 2018 season was a massive success, with over 40 players turning up to train, including 10+ new players! On the back of this, the Worcestershire Black Knights have decided turn our attention to advertising for next season and have put together a professionally made recruitment video for next season. Instead of just creating posters and using Social Media, we thought we’d mix it up a bit!

All of the footage was filmed after the taster session using extremely high tech equipment including multiple cameras and and a Mavic drone! A massive thanks to Will Hicks for filming and editing the video in such a short space. Massive thanks also to the players for sticking around afterwards to get some brilliant situational shots. We’re extremely pleased with the results!

Take a look below and see what you think!

Our 2018 Recruitment Video

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Worcestershire Black Knights Taster Session Poster