Black Knights vs Torbay Trojans (The Rematch)

This week saw the rematch of the Week 1 fixture between the Worcestershire Black Knights and the Torbay Trojans. The Trojans came away with a 8-6 victory in that game that the Black Knights were keen to avenge. Both teams were in good spirits on a hot day at Kings Norton Rugby Club it was all lined up to be a great game, and it was.

The first quarter got underway with the Black Knights winning the toss and electing to receive the ball. Beginning their first drive on the 20yd line the Knights slowly moved the ball up the field before being stopped around mid field by the Trojan’s defence. After fielding the first punt of the game at their 15yd line, the Trojans drive went much the same way as the Knights. A nervy start to the game with both teams not wanting to make the first mistake. With both teams having run heavy offences, the first quarter was over quickly with the Knights having the ball at the start of the second. Some heavy running by Running Back Cam Edkins saw Worcestershire march the ball 60yds up the pitch into the endzone, finishing with a 4yd run by Fullback Sam Bennett. A successfull conversion put the score at 7-0. Torbay quickly replied with a good mixture of pass and run plays, scoring and converting the 2 point attempt to take the lead at 7-8. An interception by Defensive Back Chris Morse gave the Knights great field position but unfortunatley the team were unable to capitalise, missing the resulting field goal attempt. Towards the end of the second quarter both teams traded scores with a trade mark 90yd run by Tight End James Lawrence being cancelled out by a 50yd pass completion by the Trojans. Torbay managed to convert a second 2 point attempt and with the Black Knights opting to kick the Extra Point the score was 14-16 at half time.

Starting the second half the way they finished the first, Torbay continued to move the ball on the Worcestershire defence despite some strong tackling by Linebacker Josh Fisher and Defensive Back Steve Bourne. The result of this was a 10yd run for a Touchdown for the Trojans, but an unsuccessful 2pt attempt left the Black Knights within a score at 14-22. Both teams continued to fight throughout the third quarter, without either team being able to make that break through, despite Torbay regaining possession off an errant throw by Black Knights Quarterback Ben Dillon.
Heading into the fourth quarter the Black Knight’s drive stalled at their 20 yd line, leaving them at 4th and 15. Wide Receiver / Punter Chris Jones opted to fake the punt after seeing space and ran for 20 yards giving the team the much needed first and a big momentum shift. From there, Worcestershire drove down the pitch and scored a 3rd touchdown of the day and a second for Fullback Sam Bennett, however failing to convert a 2 point attempt left the team in the awfully familiar position of losing by 2 points in the middle of the fourth quarter. However, this team was to have a different outcome.

Recieiving the Kick Off on their 15yd line, the Torbay Trojans’ offence was stopped by a stout Worcestershire Defence. Torbay opted to go for it on a 4th down only to be stopped on their own 10 yard line by Linebacker James Bacon causing them to give up possession. A few short plays later the Knights had punched the ball in courtesy of Running Back Cam Edkins and a successful Extra Point attempt made the scores 27-22, and that’s how it remained.

The Worcestershire Black Knights claimed their first ever league win as a team and go on to next week against the Cornish Sharks on a high. We would like to thank the Torbay Trojans for two hard fought games of football.

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