Awards Night 2016

The team recently got together to celebrate our 2015/16 season. This was a great chance for everyone to relax, drink in celebration and look forward to the future as a whole. It was a very enjoyable night for all those that attended and was very well hosted by Mode Worcester, one of our primary sponsors.

A tradition of end of season awards nights, is to actually hand out some awards to players, coaches and helpers. We decided it would be a good idea to have a mix of serious and non-serious awards so we could have a laugh as a team.

The awards were handed out to a diverse mixture of rookies, returners and coaches all of which helped get the club to where it is today.

Serious Awards
Special Teams MVP – Tom Snell
Offensive MVP – Jay Styles
Defensive MVP – Iain Sime
Rookie of the Year – Josh Matthews
Most Improved Player – Alex Tailford
Players’ Player – Josh Chambers
Players’ Coach – Rich Smith
Debra James Club Person – Simon Watten

Silly Awards
Timekeeper Award (For always being late to training) – Will James
Bromance Award (For being so lucky) – Charlie Prince + Lady Luck
Sandy Vagina (For always being ‘injured’) – Ryan Breakwell
Mr Forgetful Award (For leaving his kit at training multiple times) – Ryan Green
Look-a-like Award – Connor Pullen and Beans from Even Stevens
Ball Security (For fumbling, multiple times) – Ben Dillon

We also had the pleasure of announcing to the team and social media, that we have been awarded a £10k grant from Sport England to go toward training equipment and kit. This grant will be a massive help for the team in the future and hopefully helps to secure us financially going forward.

Thank you everyone for your support over the past 18 months, the team wouldn’t be here without the support of players, coaches, fans and everyone else alike. Here’s to a very successful 2017 and onwards.